Partners Overview

As ManageCat, we believe that successful companies never go alone. That's why we are open to all type of partnerships. 

Partnering with ManageCat enables independent software vendors, systems integrators and resellers to achieve greater differentiation and accelerate revenue. With ManageCat, you have the opportunity to help customers solve how to manage, monitor and troubleshoot Apache Tomcat based issues, simplify deployments and fasten implementations.

Channel Partners

We work with channel partners to extend the power of ManageCat to every market in the world. Channel partnerships include partners that resell, implement and support technology solutions to their customers.

Channel Partner Program Benefits:

  • Access to demo software licenses for internal development
  • ManageCat support with Knowledge Base, wiki and forum access
  • Technical and sales training
  • Secure access to the ManageCat partner portal for lead sharing, opportunity registration and sales tools
  • Ability to sell and opportunity to deliver all ManageCat professional services
  • Rights to use the ManageCat partner logo on your website and marketing materials
  • Joint marketing

Cloud Partners 

ManageCat also partners with companies that are offering cloud services. With Managecat, they can offer their customers manage their Apache Tomcat environment from their own cloud system.

Technology Partners

Jelastic customers can start to manage their Apache Tomcat and TomEE application servers in minutes.

Using ManageCat on Jelastic allows you to manage, monitor and troubleshoot the software-based IT infrastructure products like application servers, web servers and a lot of other server side artefacts. ManageCat also provides a free version, so you can test it during a free 2-week-trial with Jelastic!


ManageCat is a technology partner of Docker. With Docker container technology, you can package your application into a standardized unit for software development Docker containers wrap a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything needed to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries – anything that can be installed on a server.

ManageCat is a SaaS and OnPremise cloud management and monitoring platform. With ManageCat platform, in 5 minutes you can manage and monitor all of your Docker containers running in Docker Engine. ManageCat supports both standalone and swarm enabled Docker engines.


With technology partnerships, ManageCat can be connected to their current offerings to add more value to their customers. Integrations play an important role at this partnership.

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