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Jelastic customers can start to manage their Apache Tomcat and TomEE application servers in minutes.

Using ManageCat on Jelastic allows you to manage, monitor and troubleshoot the software-based IT infrastructure products like application servers, web servers and a lot of other server side artefacts.
ManageCat is a technology partner of Docker. With Docker container technology, you can package your application into a standardized unit for software development Docker containers wrap a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything needed to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries – anything that can be installed on a server.
ManageCat is a technology partner of New Relic. New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform lets you geek out on tons of in-depth info—from your application performance to your customer experience to your business as a whole. Lew Cirne founded New Relic in 2008 with a revolutionary vision: To deliver application performance monitoring (APM) as a purely SaaS product. By embracing the power and accessibility of the cloud, New Relic grew rapidly and quickly became an integral tool for developers, IT ops teams, and executives around the world.

ManageCat works with New Relic to provide their customers with the top notch SaaS APM product. With New Relic, you can start to monitor all of your IT infrastructure in minutes.
ManageCat is a technology partner of Hewlett Package Enterprise. HPE help customers use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets and lives. Some of HPE customers run traditional IT environments. Most are transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly infrastructure. Many rely on a combination of both. Wherever they are in that journey, we provide the technology and solutions to help them succeed.

ManageCat works with HPE Enterprise to manage, monitor and troubleshoot HPE Tomcat Server from a single pane of view.
ManageCat is a Ready partner of RedHat and specialized in RedHat JBoss middleware solutions and RedHat Linux OS.

ManageCat works with RedHat to implement Red Hat technology solutions in the customers’ environments.
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