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Company Overview

ManageCat is committed to delivering high-quality enterprise server platform to their customers. Our enterprise server sulotion is based on the most powerful open source Java web application servers Apache Tomcat and Apache TomEE.

Our engineering team works closely with open source community and supports our customers to develop and deployer their next cloud ready web applications.

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ManageCat, Enterprise Server Company

ManageCat believes that open source software is the future of digital age. Managecat is founded to help our customers to deploy enterprise server platform based on the great open source application servers, Apache Tomcat and Apache TomEE. Nevertheless, to benefit from these servers in your projects, you need to have open source minded partner with the necessary toolset and exceptional service support.

We are the best Apache Tomcat and TomEE enterprise support company with our unqiue Enterprise Server Platform. Our vision is to succesfully adapt these open source servers to our customer environment with the exceptional platform and support services. Our mission is to create healty and happy customers. To understand our portfolio, please have a look to our products and services.
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