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ManageCat Enterprise Server for TomEE

The ManageCat  Enterprise Server for TomEE is an enterprise-grade server platform based on the open source Apache TomEE application server, complemented by tool kits for management, monitoring, and troubleshooting; and services and support to enable enterprises to deploy their future Java based microservices applications.

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Long Term Support

ManageCat provides long term enterprise support, security scan and notification with its 24x7 ready engineering team. At least 10 years of support for each version.

Administration Tools

Manage, monitor and troubleshoot all of your application servers from a single pane of view. Monitor more than 200+ runtime metrics in live dashboards.

Apache TomEE Community

ManageCat engineers are working with the Apache TomEE and related Java EE open source communities to ensure that we committed back to the source.

ManageCat Enterprise Server Platform

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