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    Tomcat Monitoring and Management Platform

    ManageCat monitoring and management platform allows you to manage and monitor Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server and SpringBoot applications from a single pane of view.

    It currently supports to manage and monitor following middleware and application platforms:

    • Apache Tomcat
    • Apache WebServer
    • SpringBoot Applications
    You can download the ManageCat Platform from below. To access to downloads and installation instruction, you may need to register to our customer portal. After registering the customer portal, you will get access to Downloads and Installation instructions. If you face with any problem, please send an email to support@managecat.com

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    Complete Picture of Your Environment

      Tomcat Admin

      TomEE Admin

      Apache Admin

      SpringBoot Admin


      Manage and configure all of your server configuration files with a couple of clicks, no more remote SSH connections.


      Detailed monitoring of all of your middleware internal components including HTTP connectors, JDBC Pools,  Applications, Heap Dumps.


      No more error and exception! ManageCat provides all metrics to troubleshoot deployment and runtime problems.

      Manage Configurations

      Manage the product configuration files (such as Tomcat's server.xml, TomEE' tomee.xml, Apache' conf files etc.)

      Create DataSources

      Easily create JDBC datasources with DBCP, Tomcat JDBC and event customer datasrouce types.

      Monitor Runtime Metrics

      Monitor runtime metrics. For example, Tomcat native connectors (such as BIO, NIO, NIO2 etc) in real time, SpringBoot actuator metrics, TomEE EJB metrics etc.


      Provides application server specific 100+ metrics and allows to persist these metrics to database storage for creating beautiful dashboards.

      Application Deployment

      Allows to use versioned application WAR and EAR deployments, deploy, undeploy applications via REST API.

      Performance Monitoring

      Real time performance monitoring of all deployed applications, monitoring of current requests and sessions.

      Introduction to ManageCat Admin

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