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Jakarta EE & Spring Application Development

ManageCat provides custom Jakarta EE and Spring based software development services to clients from all around the world. ManageCat has gained lots of experience of implementing Jakarta EE & Spring & SpringBoot projects in different sectos including insurance, banking, telecom, healthcare etc.

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Enterprise Applications

In our projects, we stick to Jakarta EE standards and its technologies to implement applications which may run in onpremise or in cloud environments. Below are the supported technologies under Jakarta EE platform. Our supported application servers provide runtime support for the above technologies. According to your customer requirments, we offer you which kind of application server is the best deployment platform for your application. 

Front End Technologies
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • Angular JS
  • React
Middleware Technologies
  • RESTful Services (JAXRS)
  • Dependecy Injection (CDI)
  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • Java Messaging Services (JMS)
  • Transaction Management (JTA)
ORM Technologies
  • Java Persistent API (JPA)
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